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dr brunner spay The spay, or ovariectomy, is one of the most common surgeries in veterinary medicine, but it is not performed without some degree of discomfort for the patient. Despite the best efforts to provide adequate medical pain management, the requisite physical breakdown of the ovarian ligament causes a significant amount of post-operative discomfort. In addition, the standard incision is anywhere from 3 to 5 inches long. Patients are required to stay in the hospital overnight and are physically restricted for at least one week after the surgery.

New Fairfield Animal Hospital is one of only a select few hospitals in the country to offer a less invasive option in the form of laparoscopic ovariectomy. By using the same technology used in human hospitals, Dr. Brunner is able to remove the ovaries with tiny 1/4 to 1/2 inch incisions and without the same trauma as the standard surgery. Patients experience far less pain, go home the same day, and tend to return to normal function within a day or two, causing less stress and requiring less pain medication.

Please ask our staff if laparoscopic ovariectomy would be right for your pet.

Benefits include:

  • Less Pain
  • Faster Recovery
  • Home the Same Day
  • Less Medication
  • Happier Pets!