COVID-19 Curbside Care and Protocol

COVID-19 Curbside Care and Protocol
April 30, 2020

Due to the high volume of phone calls, we are receiving while implementing our curbside service program, appointments may take longer than usual and we appreciate your patience as we navigate our new low contact appointment model.

When you arrive in the parking lot for an appointment, please call the hospital at (203) 312-9000 to inform us.

  • You will be transferred to a technician who will review the reason for the appointment/possible tests that may be done and then request you to pull in front of the hospital.
  • You will be asked by the technician to bring you pet to a specific door. Please wait for the technician to let you know before bringing your pet from the car to us.
  • After the exam, the doctor will call to discuss the findings and treatment options. Your pet will then be returned to your car and payment can be collected via phone.
  • Medication and prescription diets to be filled must be called ahead of pick up time. At the time your order is placed, the prescription will be filled, and payment will be taken over the phone.
  • Medications and prescription food will be labeled and placed in bins on a table outside the front door during business hours. Simply provide a time frame in which you plan to pick up in order that we may place them outside as needed.
  • For local clients who are at higher risk, we are offering a delivery option; please call to inquire for further information.

Prescription and Food Pick-up: 

Prescription and food pick-up is located on the "Curbside pick-up table" in front of the office.

We continue to operate with our normal business hours and will keep you informed if any changes are made.

As always, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus and to follow good hand washing and other hygiene protocols. It is a good idea to wash your hands after being around animals, and animal owners should continue to include pets in their emergency preparedness planning, including keeping a 1-2 month supply of food and medications on hand.

We cannot adequately express our thanks for the efforts that the staff of NFAH is making to work amidst such uncertainty in order to keep our furry family members safe. We are truly grateful to our clientele for their continued support and understanding.